Megami (tourist mix)

Kooky Nuts Pop vol​.​2
(Proot Records, 2017)


Rue des Gardes #1

But not tonight

8-bit Operators - Enjoy The SCIENCE!
Tribute to Depeche Mode
(Receptors Music, 2014)

Through being cool

8-bit Operators - Crack That Chip!
Tribute to Devo
(Receptors Music, 2013)


(Darling Dada, 2012)

Bom Poy Tsha

Party Ruiners vol.3
(Egotwister, 2011)

Lorem Ipsum

Les Couloirs Du Temps
(Egotwister, 2010)

Riddle of Steel

Movie Ruiners
(Egotwister, 2009)

Black Bird

8-bit Operators - Wanna Hld Yr Handheld Vol1-2
Tribute to the Beatles
(Receptors Music, 2009)

Monty On The Run

Poke 20
(esc.rec, 2009)


Party Ruiners vol.2
(Egotwister, 2008)

Robotgirl & Computer

Midinette All Stars
(Midinette records, 2008)

Canapé Rouge

We Are 31337!
(31337, 2007)

Suzuki Massacre

The BRK Breakcore Show Compilation #1
(BRK, 2007)

Die Roboter

8-bit Operators - The Music Of Kraftwerk
Tribute to Kraftwerk
(Astralwerks, 2007)

Social Silence for a Lonely Melody

Tone Wars Vol 1.
(Tone Wars, 2007)

Crockett's Theme

Microdisco Vol 2 - Songs 4 The Road
(Microdisco, 2006)

The Bread

Microdisco Vol 1 - Bleepy Ballads
(Microdisco, 2006)

Le Bal des Sorcières

Chip O'Lantern Halloween Compilation Volume 2 (Gainlad, 2005)

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