Taking part in the demo-scene on Amiga computers during the 90's, Bacalao has not dropped the soundtrackers. After numerous collaborations (hip-hop, electro, reggae, flamenco, rock...), electronica becomes his main influence.

Between the soundtracker and the modern sequencer, he releases his first mini-album on Retinascan in 2004.

Thereafter, with a laptop and a midi controller, sometimes even an old amiga, he plays his live set oscillating between breaks and 8-bit sounds. Since then, collaborations follow on with many artists on, bringing in 2005 a second album on Retinascan, "collaBPS".

In 2006, Midinette Records invites him to release two different EPs. The following year, he joins the 8-bit Operators and takes part to various compilations of 8-bit covers, like the Beatles, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk released on Astralwerks (label of Placebo, Fatboy Slim, Phoenix,...).

Since then, while organizing parties, such as "Microking", he works with various labels, such as Egotwister and Bleepstreet Records, on which he releases "Mixes for Fluokids".

In 2013, he wins the remix contest for Squarepusher organised by "In the end, the Bacalao remix won because it was a proper rollercoaster ride and put a big smile on my face!" (Squarepusher).

Around that period, he joins the label Static Records starting to manage it with Nixx, Size and Jok.

Between 2016 and 2019, after several club oriented releases, he starts to work on his "Tourist" series of EPs with sounds and videos brought back from Japan.

In 2019, he releases "Yo Rap!", his second EP for Static Records after "Tribal Love" in 2011.

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